Team Info


We will be preparing maps for the

  • 8.18 Victoria Park Rally


The mapping team is a single-purpose group, focussed on providing an accurate, real-time map. This facilitates communication by protestors in various roles and reporters. We hope to help them accurate assess the situation in order to make informed decisions.

We formed as a response to the HKPF's tactic of bottling civilians and subsequent indiscrimate violence, most prominently displayed in 7.14 siege of Shatin.

We have no expertise and have never done this before. We learn as we go. Our reflections can be found here.


We can't do every event because there's only a few of us. If you are serious about helping, please write us.


Our team is organized into two main groups, the Runners, and the Control Room. Their roles are as follows:

  • Runners: the runners team serves as our eyes, and use a number of methods to relay on-the-ground observations precisely and concisely to the Control Room.
  • Control Room: there are two roles in the control room, the Integrators and the Mapper:
    • Integrators: the integrators funnel different streams of information from diverse formats (e.g., runners, Telegram channels, live broadcasts) into an unified format in a single location
    • Mapper: the mapper draws the map (duh!) and pushes it to the consumers (through, and various Telegram channels)

We detest police brutality, but we also refrain from using dehumanizing (e.g., "dogs") and antagonistic language (e.g., "sentries", "war room").

The ideal operation can be summarized in the following graphic:

graph TB r1(Runner 1) --> i1(Integrator 1) r2(Runner 2) --> i1 ri(Runner i) --> i1 tg1(TG channel 1) --> i2(Integrator 2) tg2(TG channel 2) --> i2 tg3(TG channel j) --> i2 live1(Live channel 1) --> i3(Integrator 3) live2(Live channel 2) --> i3 livek(Live channel k) --> i3 i1 --> M(mapper) i2 --> M i3 --> M M --> W( M --> tgout(TG channels)

Info For Runners


  1. Bring:

    • print-outs of areas you expect to be,
    • water-based markers (ideally with different colours),
    • plastic protectors for A4-sized paper,
    • a clipboard,
    • phone,
    • powerbank,
    • water & nourishment,
    • umbrella, and
    • necessary equipment to protect yourself onsite
  2. Digital: download a copy of the images needed on your phone, incl. the legend. Some apps to markup images (e.g., iMarkup on Android).

Initial setup

Initial setup (t-30 min)

  1. go to your chosen zone
  2. locate barricades / supply stations / first aid stations on maps. Memorize the legend.
    • police barricades: X
    • Supply stations: S inside two circles
    • First aid: fat cross inside two circles
    • rest stops: droplet inside two circles
  3. Put up posters to publicize link (or attach one to your backpack)
  4. tell first aiders/ supplies team that we have this real-time map. Ask if they have special requests. Give @hongkong103 as a point of contact.


Ongoing during protests

Walk around (try to find a vantage point e.g., bridge). Stay safe. Report back in one of the two ways:

  1. keep updating the map as needed. This includes
    • crowd density (Y = normal loose crowd, YY = arm distance btw ppl (e.g., normal march), YYY = shoulder-packed)
      • Use B / BB / BBB for pro-regime paramilitary
    • police density (P = some police, PP = concentrated force)
    • If people are moving, use arrows to indicate speed.
      • Single arrowhead -> for slow / congested flow,
      • Double arrowhead ->> for normal walking speed,
      • Triple arrowhead ->>> for running speed (this should be rare)
      • Resonance arrows <->> for bi-directional flow
    • draw triangles together with annotations for other observations
  2. Message with this template if possible, only the bolded items if you must. *Time | District | Map coordinates | Location | Event
    • e.g. 14:00 | 金鐘 | J10 | 夏慤道-æˇģč¯é“ | å‡ēéģ‘æ——
    • cross streets OR number+street. No exceptions!
    • Use / if | is not available on your keyboard
    • omit time if you must
    • Send pics / vids if you think it is important, and it is possible to take a picture without endangering yourself


Information in this format can directly be pasted into our event table, and be distributed to other groups "as is". Otherwise the Integrators (who are usually overwhelmed) will need to reconstitute some additional info before forwarding.

If the info is urgent, e.g., tear gas / violence, indicate this so the Control Room pushes the info immediately. For these, if you have no data, use text messages.

If possible, take picture of the map and send every 15 mins. This is the best way for us to know what to remove. You will probably need to walk to less crowded places to have internet access. You may not need to send picture of map if not much is happening in the previous while: just use the same template as above to report isolated updates.

Periodically check the latest map, and let the Control Room know if items are out-of-date. This is the only way we know how to remove items.

Drink water, eat, go to bathroom, and rest in a mall when you can. Use good taste and judgment.

Walking around with a clipboard, you will stand out and people will be staring. Smile, be your helpful charming enthusiastic selves, explain what you are doing.

Our runners have been confronted and stalked, by protestors and plain-clothes police alike. Smile, be your helpful charming enthusiastic selves, explain what you are doing. Show that you are an info service and stay neutral in your emotions. Direct / divert their aggression to the webmaster at @hongkong103.

Please stay safe. Observe from safe locations. The map is not as important as you are.

Ask if the instructions are unclear.

Last Updated: 4 months ago