Real time map


On 11.02 we will start monitoring and updating the map from 3 pm. We update the map every 15 min, more frequently when urgent events are occurring. However, we evaluate the sources before manually painting the maps, so there exists an unavoidable lag of 3-5 minutes. The maps are also posted as Telegram messages on the channel @RealTimeMapHK.

There are now groups that provide fully automated maps, which complements our approach. You can find some links here:

With respect to our work, you can direct your suggestions to @hongkong103.


Wifi access is poor in crowds, and not everyone can download the latest map (about 1 Mb compressed). We suggest using AirDrop once you succeeded in downloading our hi-res image. AirDrop uses Bluetooth instead of Wifi and can be an effective way to ripple information. A timestamp is present in each version of the map for comparison.


Last Updated: 5 hours ago