Help needed


  1. Frontend developer. This is a static site built on Vuepress, repo'ed on Github and deployed to Netlify. Some specific features I have in mind are:
  • some way of pulling data from an AirTable database at build time (probably a Netlify function)
  • a component that pulls from a Google Sheet (through tabletop.JS) into an Element UI table, which is then amenable to filtering / sorting. This will allow easy updating (by others) in some aspects.
  • your-suggestions-here?
  1. adviser. I'm pretty sure this is not built right nor deployed right. My known-unknowns is:
    1. how best to deal with images?
    2. how to hook this to something like Forestry so non-tech editors can also contribute?
    3. is the Netlify-Cloudflare thing an OK setup?


  • Manager for a language / section, and keeping it in-sync with the other sections. At the moment the site is all me and I'm already overwhelmed!


  1. translator-writer-manager. My hope is that we go beyond translating the text, into translating the issue for readers of the language. Many countries go through / went through a democratic process like Hong Kong currently: Koreans probably see in us the 1980s or 2016, Taiwanese sees Sunflower, and I hope we can bring these out. For now, I hope we can build a base for:
  • English <-> Chinese (formal, for both HK and Taiwanese readers), and
  • Zh-Traditional <-> Zh-Simplified. The latter speaking to mainland readers.
  1. Editors. My writing is terrible, and I still can't conjugate verbs.


  1. designer. With my skills (or the lack thereof), the site is going to be what it is đŸ˜Ļ Hope someone can think deeply and, based on the elements of the site, create template / style guides / composable elements (AI preferably, or PS) for images that is flexible enough for yourself and other illustrators to build infographics / imagery upon.
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