The Hong Kong counter-power movement initiates from the grass-root and remains leaderless. The people coordinates through rapid flow of information in streams of Telegram / Whatsapp groups, online forums, and social media. This makes the movement agile, and allows for the flourishing of ideas, but also a complete lack of an entry point for the uninitiated.

Since the Beijing rule in 1997, press freedom eroded through direct and indirect interventions, and the majority of publication and public TV channels are owned by pro-Beijing businesses. (As an example, the only English language newspaper in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) is fully owned by the China Alibaba group.) And then, media tends to focus on the sensational aspects and little is reported internationally on the tens of other peaceful marches, sit-ins, and strikes.

Together with the vast state-funded global propaganda campaigns, the people --- despite being the majority --- has a limited voice internationally. If it is difficult for the Chinese reader to catch up the movement, it is impossible for those speaking a different language. tries to provide translations and some representation of what the majority of Hong Kong thinks.

We do not want or expect you to just believe us, and will try to source English-language press when possible. If this is not available we will source Chinese media.

Between the Eggs and the High Wall, we chose to side with the Eggs. We are a small group of citizens trying to do what we can. Our team is tiny and we have no professions. Please forgive us for our mistakes, and we welcome corrections and help. You can see the help we need here.

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