Our Demands

We speak on behalf of Hong Kong citizens. From March, including millions-strong rallies on June 9th and 16th, citizens protested expressed their demands on the basis of peaceful, rational and non-violent principles. However, the government officials have chosen to neglect public opinion and used the Hong Kong Police force as a cause to deteriorate the police-citizen relationship; repetitively put HK to shame and resulting in law enforcers losing their credibility.

All actions we take are for the following five demands:

Our 5 demands are:

  1. Complete withdrawal of the extradition bill from the legislative process. Withdraw the “Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019” (Fugitive Offenders Ordinance)

  2. Retraction of the "riot" characterisation The police issued an objection letter on July 12th at night, in which the letter characterised the gathering as a “riot”, hence we demand the government to retract the riot characterisation of the July 12th protest transparently.

  3. Release and exoneration of arrested protesters Over the days of demonstrations and protests, many protestors were arrested by the police. We demand the the release of all protestors from “June 9th to the day the government satisfies this appeal”. Also, the government must promise to never condemn protestors further, including but not limited to the following two items:

    1. All protestors are not to be arrested nor accused under any form of offence.
    2. Ensure all protestors’ personal freedom, property, and benefits are not violated by any state agencies.
  4. Establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police conduct and use of force during the protests. During the demonstrations in the past few days, regardless of military, casual, riot police or special tactical squad did not have an on-duty identification during operation. They did not provide their identification under requests of citizens which violates the police general order for public inspection. In addition, the police repeatedly used excessive force to disperse protestors, which includes circumstances such as: deploying pepper spray, tear gas, batons to disperse peacefully retreating protestors or even mauled isolated protestors in groups that did not show resistance. Furthermore, policemen attacked the press that are distinguished clearly with their reflective vests with batons, pepper spray; even a legislative council member were assaulted. The police on many occasions unreasonably dispersed legal demonstrators during the period when the non-objection letter was still in force. They besieged and released tear gas on both sides of the Citic Tower which almost caused a stampede. On both the Mong Kok and Shatin demonstrations, the police attempted to trap protestors, escalating the event into police-citizen conflict. The police disregarded the New Town Plaza’s private property status, and forced their way into the mall to takeover crowd control. The tactics of crowd control deployed by the police caused substantial shock to consumers in which the frontline policemen’s operation were especially disappointing for the people of Hong Kong. The police force should uphold the law and not be the one violating it.

  5. Implementation of universal suffrage for Legislative Council and Chief Executive elections。 The government’s ignores the public opinion as usual and is suspected to be opposing Hong Kong citizens. Evidently, the problem lies in the Hong Kong government itself. We demand the government to immediately disband the legislative council by administrative order and immediately execute universal suffrage in electing legislative council member and the chief executive.

Last Updated: 5 months ago